About mobiREPORT

mobiREPORT is the world's first unscripted, unedited and unabridged information and news exchange portal. It connects creators and viewers in a truly innovative and unique way. Creators of content can interact with their viewers in real time as news and events and information happens. Creators of content can provide additional riveting information as their viewers request. Creators of content can even sell their content to the highest bidder, or offer it for free. mobiREPORT finally created a medium in which it gives the viewers and the creators of digital content an equal voice making the information ever so exciting and engaging to participate in its creation and viewing. It is the world's first "Real TV" channel which can be followed globally by everyone in every country. It work with mobile phone and tablets and PC's.

The content creators can use their iPads and iPhone to quickly and easily provide professional looking live news and information to the world as it happens. Try it today! Visit us online at the iTunes store and plug into the global audience that awaits you.

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